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  • December 14, 2021
  • Music lessons

    There are many ways in which you can keep your child engaged. It is always best to first identify what they are interested in and nurture it. If your child has a musical ear, then music lessons would be a great way to go. Besides nurturing talent, signing up your kid for some music lessons will bring forth the following benefits.

    Music Lessons Can Boost Confidence
    Mastery of music does not come easy. The first classes can be a real struggle. Your child will be stepping into unfamiliar territory. Mistakes will therefore be inevitable. At first, they will have a hard time hitting the correct notes, playing the keys or chords and so on. It can get frustrating and more so, discouraging.

    However, as they continue to study and practice, they are likely to get better at it. With time, they will start getting it right. As they start to receive more of praise and compliments rather than criticism, they will begin to become more confident. This has proven to give a significant boost in a child’s self-esteem.

    Music Lessons Improve Physical Skills
    Taking part in music lessons will also benefit your child physically. This is because there are some musical instruments that require the movement of several body parts at the same time. You may find that they have to engage their hands, arms and feet altogether as they play the instrument. This significantly boosts a child’s coordination. This is also the case when they have to coordinate different actions from both of their hands as in the string and keyboard instruments.

    Also, as they are moving these parts and keeping them active, they get to improve on their motor skills, especially when it comes to percussion instruments. They also get to learn to stay still for long periods of time and get used to normally uncomfortable positions.

    It Boosts Discipline and Patience
    Another major advantage of music lessons for kids is that they get to learn to be disciplined and patient an early age. Music concepts and instruments feature a steep learning curve. It is also a lengthy process before they can begin to flow. First of all, they have to study the basic concepts of music. These are usually abstract concepts that tend to not be very interesting, especially for a child. Afterwards, they will also need to learn how t position themselves and their instruments. This is t show that it will take some time before they can get to the seemingly fun part, that is, playing the actual instruments. This will require some patience.

    Even after they begin playing, it will take a lot of lessons and practise hours to become conversant with the instruments. They will need some discipline to keep this up so as to eventually master this skill. Learning how to be patient and disciplined will prove useful in their future even as adults.

    It Teaches Team Work
    Your child may learn how to play solo. Still, there will come a time where they will have to play the instrument as a group. For this to work, everyone needs to work in cordination for the ensemble to come out well. This way, your child will learn to work in a team and interact with others.

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